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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Guestline and Brookson Enterprise join forces to give hoteliers intuitive powerful reporting

As we head towards the end of 2018, Guestline has delivered a number of exciting new partnerships, to enable Rezlynx users to choose the technology that fits around them. Hoteliers wanted superior reporting functionality, and that is exactly what Brookson Enterprise bring to the table.

We caught up with Christian Matthews, head of hospitality at Brookson Enterprise to find out more about the latest partnership.

Hi Christian, what is your role, Describe your job in a nutshell?
I’m Head of Hospitality at Brookson Enterprise, which means I’m lucky enough to be involved with a variety of exciting areas of the business including product development, partner relationship, marketing strategy and sales management. I try to attend as many Hospitality expo’s as I can in the UK and lead the team when we exhibit ourselves. I also make a mean cup of tea!

Why did you want to collaborate with Guestline? 

Guestline is an industry leader and is experiencing strong growth in the UK market with some great strategic partnerships, we love what they’re doing and wanted to get on board. The team at Guestline are incredibly positive and knowledgeable and we have been working closely with them to develop our unique Business Intelligence reporting suite over the last 18 months with a number of pilot hotel groups, which has been an exciting and insightful journey.

How will this new partnership benefit mutual clients?

Independent research shows that on average hotel managers are spending up to 4 hours a day producing reports. Turnkey integration of Guestline’s PMS with Brookson Enterprise allows customers to unify all of their data sources for faster, automated reporting. This can help transform hotel managers from report producers to revenue generators.

How long have you been in the industry?

I’ve been involved in the industry since 2015, it’s been an incredible journey so far and what strikes me the most, is how friendly people are in the industry, everyone at Guestline has made us feel part of their team and we look forward to the future.

What sets Brookson Enterprise apart from the rest?

The superior commercial advantage we provide customers over their competition is the number one USP that our clients tell us they enjoy. Plus, we have a world class development and customer relationship team that are constantly innovating and improving our product and service.

What challenges/ common issues does your software resolve for hoteliers?

We hear on a daily basis that hoteliers are frustrated with multiple data sources making it impossible to produce joined up business insight. Most hotels now rely on software to help run a hotel: PMS, EPOS, Procurement, Staff Rota, Social Media, Marketing, OTA’s, Payroll, Finance… the list goes on. Our software automates all these data sources and through the power of unified data, hotels are able to monitor every aspect of business performance from expectation to outcome. This unrivalled management information is able to revolutionise the customer journey, in turn increasing turnover and profitability.

What should hoteliers be focussing on for the next 12 months?

Whilst OTA’s are an important booking stream and are here to stay, I have seen first-hand the massive impact on the bottom line when a hotel focusses on direct bookings. There are first class website professionals, such as Journey, that can integrate online booking systems and improve direct bookings. The insights we can then deliver, will reduce commission cost & improve margin.

Other than Brookson Enterprise, what is the most exciting technology within the industry at the moment?

AI Chatbots. I recently stayed at an Accor Hotel and they have a Google Assistant app that a guest can interact with 24/7. Programmed to deal with routine customer service questions, this could free up significant manpower and give guests easy access to the answers they want at that time. One bit of tech to keep an eye on as AI will only keep improving.

Any future tech trend predictions?

When attending seminars, expo’s, annual conferences and webinars there is one topic that I constantly hear: smarter smart tech. I believe we’ll be seeing more ‘Internet-of-Things’ inspired hotel rooms in 2018, with guests checking in, unlocking their rooms, booking a reservation, adjusting the lighting & temperature and streaming their Netflix favourites on the TV through their smartphones.

One piece of advice for newcomers to the hospitality industry?

Learn from your peers and keep informed of the latest hotel tech and trends that can help improve the customer experience.

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