Friday, 30 November 2018

Join Guestline in 25 days of Christmas giving!

It’s been a fantastic year for Guestline’s clients, and we are thoroughly looking forward to bringing you even more exciting developments, functionality and features throughout 2019.

We want to thank all of our partners and hoteliers across the globe for being a part of our journey, and invite you on the countdown to Christmas with our #BeKindGL charity initiative.  

Every day in December we will be donating £25 to a charity of your choice. All you have to do is tweet us #BeKindGL and the name of your charity and we will select a daily winner from across all of our social channels. Please do get involved, and invite your colleagues to do the same.

You can connect with us @Guestline on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Our Support team will be here over the festive season to help you out should you need them and can be contacted on 01743 282 700.

Have a fantastic Christmas; we look forward to receiving your charity nominations and driving revenues to new highs in 2019. 



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