Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Christmas parties – a revenue generator for hotels or headache inducer?

Did your systems help manage and organise your Christmas parties effectively?

If they caused a few headaches, you might be interested in Guestline’s Advanced Conference and Banqueting Manager, designed to manage operations and drive revenue from your events.

Here are some of the ways it can help:
  • Reconcile deposits 
  • Delegate lists 
  • Pre-orders for meals and drinks
  • Confirmation emails 
  • Combine bedroom bookings 
  • Generate invoices
  • Reports and analysis 
From event enquiries and bookings, to contracts and invoices, the Conference and Banqueting Manager is a user-friendly event management solution that takes the hassle out of organising events and helps you deliver a seamless operation!

Plus, all orders for the Conference and Banqueting Manager will be eligible for 50% off Guestline’s Online Ticket Sales module which delivers a ready-made online solution for hotels wanting to sell tickets to hotel events.

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