Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Barnham Broom see occupancy rise to 94% with Guestline solutions

Barnham Broom Hotel, set in 300 acres of beautiful Norfolk countryside with 46 refurbished bedrooms offering comfortable, stylish and luxurious accommodation, have upgraded their software to the award winning Rezlynx PMS by Guestline.  
Looking for a more cost effective and future-proof offering, the team soon saw the benefits of choosing Guestline solutions. Rezlynx eliminated the need for an expensive server and ongoing IT infrastructure upgrade costs. The systems are easily accessible and the staff benefit from the flexibility of accessing them from any tablet or pc, both on and off site.

Jon Baird, Chief Financial Officer at Barnham Broom explains, “We looked at a range of solutions, but Guestline listened to what we required and provided us with the solution that most suited our needs.  
We are a large resort and needed a robust, multi-functional solution – the Guestline system has allowed us to speed up processes, review our performance and maximise revenue opportunities.  
We can now analyse and forecast our business more effectively, in order to hit our targets and swiftly address any shortcomings."
The integration of the new Guestline systems went seamlessly with minimal disruption to hotel operations and very limited downtime. With the integrated PDQ system on EPoS, charges can be posted directly to rooms and they can now provide contactless payments and ‘pay at table’ functionality for their guests.  
Guestline’s EPoS system is quick and efficient in dealing with the large number of covers in their restaurant.

The hotel required comprehensive functionality that could be expanded and developed upon as they grew their operations. The Guestline systems are adaptable and can be easily modified according to their needs as the business grows.  There is also the option to integrate other software modules into the system in the future.
Due to its robust integration into Rezlynx PMS, Guestline’s Channel Manager has enabled the hotel to manage their OTAs and rates more effectively. By flexing and managing their rates more efficiently across all channels and implementing new rate strategies, they are now up to 94% occupancy.
The hotel uses the e-shot templates embedded in the system to promote their spa, golf and restaurant offerings and exclusive packages to drive repeat, direct bookings and increase revenue across non - room profit centres.  
Emma Johnstone, VP Business Development at Guestline added, “Guestline solutions are proving time after time to be a cost effective, efficient and revenue generating choice across the globe. Barnham Broom have used the system to drive occupancy up to 94%, save time with automated processes and ensure all avenues are pursued in order to drive revenue. "
To find out how Guestline solutions can help your property, arrange a demonstration here.


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