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Guestline’s Rezlynx PMS is a fully configurable, PCI compliant property management system to enable any sized hotel or group to manage their bookings and operations efficiently and profitably. It is updated in real-time, and incorporates a comprehensive rate and availability management tool to ensure that revenue is maximised at every opportunity.

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Our secure payment gateway enables hoteliers to process card payments in a PCI compliant way. Our clients benefit from a safe and secure method of storing and processing credit card details which can form part of the hotel’s overall PCI compliancy policy.

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Offering ongoing UK support 365 days a year, our service commitment goes far beyond just our technologically superior software solutions to deliver outstanding quality and reliability.

Channel and Distribution Manager

Guestline’s Channel Manager distributes your live inventory to a wide range of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and the Global Distribution System (GDS), with minimum effort and cost. It can be seamlessly integrated with Rezlynx PMS so that bookings, regardless of their source, flow directly into the PMS without the need for time consuming manual data entry and allocation.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Content marketing – A check list for hotel websites

With so much competition, your website needs to stand out from the crowd, draw guests in and help convert bookings. It also helps justify your rates and manage guest expectations. Here’s some tips for delivering first class content on your website:

  • Regularly upload new content to keep your site fresh, up to date and high up in the Google rankings.

  • Start a blog - research shows that websites with blogs get 55% more visitors over sites with no blog.

  • Include regional/local activities and events – reflect what’s going on around your area throughout the year. Make it timely, topical and exciting. 

  • Write about the people who work in your hotel – who grows the vegetables/maintains the gardens, whose responsible for procuring the locally sourced toiletries etc.?

  • Give something for free (added value for your guests) e.g. golf hints and tips from the golf pro, gardening tips, wine reviews. Or start up a Rewards Club to build loyalty.

  • Inspire guests with unique experiences they can undertake when they stay at your hotel – cookery classes, walking trips – encourage your guests to live at your hotel, not just go there.

  • Tell a story with your photos- use relevant and high-resolution photos to showcase your property’s unique features. Use your photos to show potential guests what they can expect.

  • Make sure you showcase your entire property by including the photos of the exterior, shared spaces (lobby, lounge, terrace, etc.), facilities (swimming pool, spa, restaurant, etc.) and your bedrooms

  • Always upload high-quality photos and upload videos if you can. You only get one chance at a first impression. Photos should be 2048 x 1536 pixels (3.1 megapixels) and of a horizontal orientation

  • Give ‘Best’ guarantees – reassure people they are getting the best prices/local produce/local area expertise. Publicise reviews and star ratings to give guests an independent opinion of your hotel. Reassure guests they are getting the best rate by booking direct at your hotel (see Guestline’s Price Assure tool for example).

  • Always consider your audience when writing and compiling copy to ensure it’s relevant and topical for them. For example, if you’re mainly accommodating and appealing to the 50+ market, then information on the local nightclubs and DJ nights might not be that relevant!

  • Use the YouGov Profiles to obtain a wealth of data and insight into your targeted demographic e.g. if you targeting people that live in Somerset to visit your hotel, type in ‘Somerset’ and you are presented with a variety of information on people with an interest in Somerset.

  • What are your business objectives? If it is to increase wedding bookings for example, then showcase recent weddings and testimonials from the bride and groom.

  • Answer guest’s questions and solve problems. For example, for corporate Christmas party bookings, promote how you can fulfil the organiser’s main requirements e.g. do they mainly want an all in one solution with DJ/band/decoration provided, value for money, exclusive use?

Good luck with increased bookings and traffic!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Connected Traveller – The power of Review Express with TripAdvisor and Guestline

It’s no secret that hotels benefit from great reviews from guests with 93% of hoteliers stating that online traveller reviews are important for the future of their business. And its common knowledge that potential guests read these before making their choice but just how much of an effect do reviews have on your occupancy and most importantly revenue?

In 2001, the first ever TripAdvisor review was published - fast forward to 2016 and 340 million unique monthly users are hitting the site – I’m sure you will agree, these are pretty impressive figures! But what are these people doing? What influence does the content have? How can you control this?

In a recent survey of 35,000 travellers by TripBarometer, 88% voted ratings and reviews as the second most important factor when it comes down to booking, only being trumped by price.

A recent TripAdvisor study on Swissotel showed a 74% increase in reviews gave a direct traffic increase of 48% - ultimately generating commission free direct bookings.

So, how can you increase your reviews and your ratings?

TripAdvisor have launched Review Express, making it easier than ever to ask guests to write a review on TripAdvisor and boost your engagement levels. Fully integrated with Guestline’s property management system, Rezlynx, you can engage with guests post-stay to encourage valuable feedback and tempt repeat bookings.

You can utilise the customizable templates to automatically send emails to your guest once they have checked out making it an easy and direct solution to generate reviews.

Studies show that traveller reviews make a real impact on travellers’ decision-making process. Review Express makes it easy for hotels to get the fresh reviews travellers want to see when they’re ready to book. Take control of your reviews today – Contact Guestline for more information on a fully integrated review module, Review Express, in your Rezlynx PMS.

Further information on TripAdvisor and Review Express can be found here.

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