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Rezlynx Property Management System

Guestline’s Rezlynx PMS is a fully configurable, PCI compliant property management system to enable any sized hotel or group to manage their bookings and operations efficiently and profitably. It is updated in real-time, and incorporates a comprehensive rate and availability management tool to ensure that revenue is maximised at every opportunity.

Secure Payment Solutions

Our secure payment gateway enables hoteliers to process card payments in a PCI compliant way. Our clients benefit from a safe and secure method of storing and processing credit card details which can form part of the hotel’s overall PCI compliancy policy.

Guestline Support

Offering ongoing UK support 365 days a year, our service commitment goes far beyond just our technologically superior software solutions to deliver outstanding quality and reliability.

Channel and Distribution Manager

Guestline’s Channel Manager distributes your live inventory to a wide range of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and the Global Distribution System (GDS), with minimum effort and cost. It can be seamlessly integrated with Rezlynx PMS so that bookings, regardless of their source, flow directly into the PMS without the need for time consuming manual data entry and allocation.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Is mobile really that important for the hospitality industry?

So, for the last 12 months there have been lots of talk on the growth in mobile bookings, how mobile is king and how all marketing focus should be put into the all mighty “Mobile”. The question is, is this still the case?

Of course it is!

With 5 billion mobile devices in the world right now, which is forecasted to rise to over 33 billion by 2020, there really has never been a better time to re-evaluate your mobile offering. Hoteliers can take simple steps to ensure they capture their target audience through smartphones and tablets - especially next generation travellers who regularly use 3 or more devices and will account for 76% of all bookings by 2020.

20% of online room bookings originate from mobile devices, and in such a competitive market place, can you afford to lag behind with the times? By ensuring you have a mobile responsive website you can be rest assured mobile traffic will not instantly drop of your website – 60% of users will stop using a website within 5 seconds if it isn’t mobile optimised! 
In a day and age where mobile rules, hoteliers can’t afford to miss a trick when it comes to catering to the mobile community. Plus, with more than 50% of hotel emails being opened on a mobile, hoteliers must ensure their emails are mobile responsive so images download and their messages are clear to read.

Four out of 5 travellers research travel using a smartphone or tablet device with 65 % of same day bookings being made on a mobile device – agreed that’s a lot of percentages and stats but they really do speak for themselves!

Armed with the above facts and figures, I’m sure by now you are thinking, “so how can I make mobile work for me?” Below are our top tips on maximising revenue and driving customer engagement from mobile channels – we hope they come in useful!

1 – A nice and easy one! Hoteliers must optimise their website to enable mobile users to find the information they require quickly and easily (on a side note, Guestline offer a great digital marketing package that can help with this – call us for more info).

2 – Ensure your booking engine is mobile friendly, the best way to do this is to try and book one of your rooms yourself via your mobile – was it quick and easy? Was the experience seamless and one that you would be satisfactory for your guests? (If not, maybe take a look at Guestline’s online booking module).

3 - Make sure your marketing efforts aren’t in vein – ensure your e-shots can be opened and read clearly on a mobile device. Try delivering offers and promotional deals to your guests during their stay with you to achieve more sales and awareness.

There are many more where these come from and if making more out of the rise of mobile is something you are interested in, please contact a member of the team today on – 01743 282300 –

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

A day in the life of Rebecca Tapsell, Projects co ordinator at Guestline

With many job opportunities currently available within Guestline, we decided to share a typical day of one of our project coordinators with you, Rebecca Tapsell.

A typical day would start at around 6am, running around after 3 very lively little boys - getting them ready in the morning can be quite a challenge! Then off to school we go - well that’s the hard bit - and once they’ve been dropped off, I head to the office.

After a very hectic start, the first thing I do when I enter the office is put the kettle on, a well-deserved brew is much needed. My first job of the day is to check my emails and make sure I’m up to date on everything that has potentially happened over the weekend or the day before.

I would then start chasing and co-ordinating my projects. I deal with Client Sales orders, migrations, EPOS installations, PCI and most recently taken on some of the corporate customers. My job can be very difficult at times when I’m chasing for information on short lead time projects however I keep my head above water and power through.

Having worked at hotels that used Guestline software I am already familiar with some of our solutions, however taking on more projects means that I am still constantly learning. I love speaking to our customers and making sure they are all accommodated to the very best of my ability.

I have recently started arranging and hosting my own project meetings. I see this as a great way to meet the customers and explain exactly what their install will entail. I love my job and work alongside some really great people and I’m looking forward to what the future holds.

After a long day at work, finishing at 5.30pm, I then go and pick up my gorgeous boys from their after-school club. All the Mum duties are now covered.

In my spare time I enjoy going for walks and days out with my boys, we spend a lot of time at the beach in the summer. I love socialising with friends, going for spa days and generally doing all the girly stuff that us ladies love to do.

Thanks for reading all about me…

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