Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Guestline Connect in Ireland update

Over 40 guests recently attended our first Connect event in Ireland. Held at The Clayton Hotel in Dublin and hosted in conjunction with our Irish partner Tierney’s (a leading independent IT solution provider), hoteliers and consultants heard from a range of industry experts on the latest technological innovations on the market place.

We were joined by key partners, Google, Cadenza, Digital Alchemy and GuestRevu who demonstrated how hoteliers could convert their online presence into bookings; how to drive reviews to TripAdvisor; how to maximise business intelligence and how to effectively communicate with your guest after the reservation process. The event also included an opportunity for all guests to network and share best practice.

One of the guests, Alva Kenny, Business Development Manager at MindaClient, commented; ‘I found the event very informative and interesting... also it was great to mingle with colleagues over lunch. It was a great success and I wanted to say a big thanks to the Tierney's and Guestline teams for the invite!’

Rupert Gutteridge, Guestline’s Sales and Marketing Director added, ‘With today’s traveller embracing online and mobile platforms more than ever before, it’s becoming significant for hoteliers to be ahead of the digital curve and ensure they are capturing their share of mobile bookings and utilising their guest data more intuitively.

Our partners helped delegates explore how hoteliers could stand out from the crowd online and understand guest loyalty and data analysis more effectively. We have run a number of these events in the UK and we are delighted to celebrate our partnership with Tierney’s and host our first Connect event in Ireland.’

Take a look at Guestline's upcoming events here - We hope to see you there!


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