Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Cumbria is ‘open for business’ this summer!

Following on from the Cumbria floods, Guestline are pleased to see most hoteliers across the Lake District are getting back to their former glory and open for business during this summer season.

After the recent floods, many hotels were forced to close their doors and many experienced a dramatic decrease in visitors during the difficult time. Five months on and the community has worked together to welcome tourists back to one of the country’s most beautiful places.

Lake Districts hotels such as The Inn On the Square, The Whitewater Hotel, The Swan Hotel and The Lakeside Hotel were all affected and were forced to close due to the floods.

Robert Teasdale, whose local convenience store has reopened after being under three foot of water during the floods, says “Some people still believe that Glenridding is shut, the battle is to tell people that the village is open. What we really need now is for people to come and support local businesses.”

Following on from the devastation of the flooding, there has never been a better time to support the Lake District and help re-build their tourism industry. With their friendly, welcoming spirit, hoteliers across Cumbria are keen to put the Storm Desmond floods of 2015 behind them and welcome new visitors to their beautiful properties and the surrounding countryside.

The latest update, issued on May 13th 2016 from The Lake District National Park’s website said “We are keen to share the message that Cumbria is open, in support of our communities and businesses following the Cumbria floods. It’s important that people who are thinking of visiting know that the majority of places are still open and accessible throughout the national park.”

So the message is loud and clear – Cumbria is open for business, and still as beautiful as ever!


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