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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Guestline need YOUR help!

As many of you will know, every other month Guestline run a newsletter covering the exciting world of Hospitality. You can take a look at the latest edition here
Each issue we feature a number of different hoteliers and properties through various different articles and now, we are asking for your help!

One of the most popular articles is our 'In the hot seat with..' which features a hotelier and digs a little deeper to find out more about working in hospitality and of course the chosen individual!

From Elsa Wangsten at Prestige Apartments to Peter Walker at Meldrum House Country Hotel & Golf Course we want to hear from you.

If you need a little inspiration jump onto page 9 here 

If you would be happy for us to feature your property and of course yourself, please send an email to with the subject line 'In the hot seat' and we will send the questions out to you. Alternatively feel free to tweet us at @Guestline as you will see, we are very sociable!

Whilst you are there you may also like to nominate yourselves for our 'Wish you were here' campaign which you can find out all about here

Looking forward to hearing from you all,


In the hot seat with Elsa Wangsten from Prestige Apartments

Everyone knows that what makes a great stay is the hospitality of the people working at the property. This week we caught up with Elsa, Booking coordinator at Prestige Apartments to ask her a few questions

Name –  Elsa Wangsten

Property  – Prestige Apartments Ltd – 

Describe your hotel and its facilities – Providing accommodation  through Serviced Apartments, throughout the UK.

Describe your job in a nutshell –  Handling bookings/reservations for our own as well as other providers apartments.

What’s sets your hotel apart from the rest? – Feel that we are a very friendly, small team, not too corporate but instead making our clients feel like  they are dealing/booking with friends.

What’s your favourite thing to do in London?  – I’m really into sports and photography so I’d like to go for a long run along The Thames, play tennis , or head to East London ( preferably Shoreditch) to take some artistic photos.

What are the first 3 things you do when you come to work? – Put on my computer, put on the radio and make a cup of tea (can’t really start off in the morning without some music and a hot beverage!)

If you weren’t working in the hospitality industry, what would be your dream profession? I’ve always really liked fashion and being creative as well as working with events, so if I could  I’d love to work organising fashion shows or as a party planner, using my creativity a bit more.

What’s been your career highlight so far? Don’t have a specific  highlight but in general just really enjoy when people are coming back who have booked before and want to do business with you again, or recommending friends and spreading warm words about you.

If money were no object what would you have at your hotel? Personally, being into fitness I’id love to have gym/spa facilities included as I feel this gives the accommodation a  bit  extra and will make guests feel like they are getting a bit more special treatment.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you have done at work?  Have been with the company for less than two years and guess I haven’t really had time to embarrass myself just yet, guess that will come once I hit 2.5 years and will make a complete fool of myself somehow - stay tuned!

What’s your guilty pleasure? Can’t really think of any juicy insights in terms of guilty pleasures except enjoying watching a bit of shallow TV drama every now and then (Made in Chelsea, Geordie Shore etc…). Oh, and One Direction.

If you could skip to the future what would you do? I’d love to skip about 10 years ahead and see what I would be doing, as well as making sure I have done all the things I wanted to do before turning 30, (travelling etc…)

If you could describe yourself as a cocktail which one would you be and why? – Not being a big drinker I’d probably be a non-alcoholic cocktail, quite  fruity and not too sweet. The ‘safe’ choice that can make you enjoy your evening and still feel fantastic the day after! 

What would you do if you won the lottery this weekend? The first thing  I’d do is book a trip to go
to Bali and Vietnam for a month or two!  Just to take photos, enjoy the sunlight, food and relaxation!

Thank you Elsa, its been great getting to know you! If you would like to feature in our 'In the hot seat' articles please email with the subject line 'In the hot seat' 

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Wish you were here winners – Alderley Edge Hotel

We have had some fantastic entries in our ‘Wish you were here’ campaign recently so it’s been a hard call this time around, however, our latest ‘Wish you were here’ winner is... Alderley Edge Hotel in Cheshire. Congratulations!

Alderley Edge Hotel
Situated on wooden slopes overlooking Cheshire’s most desirable village, the 1850s built hotel is a real gem. Offering a superb choice of 50 exceptionally comfortable and welcoming rooms and luxury suites, this hotel offers something for everyone.

Alderley Edge Hotel is considered by many to be one of the finest restaurants in Cheshire. The award winning restaurant is among the country's top 10 per cent of prestige eating places - serving classic, exceptionally stylish cuisine with flair, imagination, extravagant twists and a creative depth of flavour.

We especially love the Roasted Wild Sea Bass with Barbequed Leeks, Fennel & Apple Relish and Toasted Breadcrumbs from the A La Carte Menu – topped off with one of their signature desserts, the Cluizel Chocolate 70% with Cherries and Pistachio!

The hotel offers a wide range of events and promotions to guests and non-residents alike, including ‘Date Night’, ‘Afternoon Tea’ and ‘Lazy Sundays’ – all of which are displayed on their website here

Congratulations Alderley Edge Hotel!

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