Monday, 27 July 2015

A day in the life of Liz O Doherty, First Line Support at Guestline

At Guestline we pride ourselves on offering a fantastic level of support to help our clients make the most of their systems. Below we take a look at a typical day behind the scenes with Liz O Doherty 

When I arrive at work, I always start the day with a Berocca – life cannot continue without one!

I work in First Line Support and have various shift patterns - including weekends and different start/finish times - to ensure a continuous service to our customers all day, every day.

My team are the first point of contact for customers. We’ll try to solve the issue immediately if possible or will log it for further investigation by the Distribution team or the Second Line engineers if need be.

Support is a very busy, bustling, noisy department with phones ringing constantly, it’s a top atmosphere with a first class team running it!

I love the interaction with the customers, after 30+ years in the hotel trade (as manager and in audit management), it still feels like I am part of the same industry, even though I lack the stamina needed in hotels these days! The good thing about our First Line team is that most of us have worked in the trade so we can appreciate exactly what is going on at the other end.

We deal with all types of calls within this department and no two days are the same. We also field all incoming emails and deal with those requests too. We can be working on EPoS, Rezlynx or distribution several times throughout the day as well as other related products.

I have been with Guestline for many years - I first used Guestline’s Windows based PMS and then Rezlynx in my hotel career and worked closely with the company during the changeovers and the rollout of Rezlynx. They then made the mistake of inviting me to work for them! Initially I was a trainer doing corporate roll outs, Rezlynx individual sites and system training.

After a life on the road I moved into the Support team 3 years ago, although I still do some training for the company when needed.

I am the oldest inhabitant at Guestline - as they say every company has to have one and I’m known as Liz O by most, Smirnoff by one! There’s definitely no intention of retirement (sorry bosses) as it’s a great company to work for.

In my spare time and when I have a weekend off, I go home to my beloved Great Yarmouth to see my children, friends and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. I also use my holidays for family visits to Australia to catch up with more numerous grandchildren and children.

Otherwise I enjoy the various activities we get up to at Guestline, be it dog racing or boat racing!


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