Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Drive more revenue with Mobile EPoS this summer!

With the summer months upon us and the sunshine making an appearance, hotels are in a fantastic position to focus on driving additional revenue through food and beverage sales. As your bar and restaurant get busier why not equip your staff with the tools to handle the demand.

Are you utilising all of your opportunity to capture additional revenue?

What are the benefits of Mobile EPoS?

  • Frees up time, enabling staff to process more orders and offer improved levels of customer service which will help drive repeat business.
  • Mobile EPoS will allow staff to take orders from outdoor dining areas, ensuring that guests are comfortable and feeling looked after
  • Up selling prompts encourage staff to capturing as much revenue as possible
  • Faster more efficient operations - helps maximise sales opportunities
  • Ease of use and flexibility 
  • Mobile till can be used anywhere in the hotel – inside and outside!
  • No lost revenue as live orders are fully tracked
  • Can be used on any mobile or tablet device

Developed specifically for demanding hospitality environments, Guestline EPoS is a robust point of sale solution designed to streamline sales across your hotel.

Speak to one of Guestline’s consultants today to find out how your property can benefit from Mobile EPoS – Arrange here 

Or call 01743 282300 


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