Monday, 16 February 2015

Meet the Digital Media Team!

The Digital Media department brings a whole new dimension to Guestline’s product line up, and with a growing team and customer base already established they look forward to 2015 and beyond…

Here’s the teams roles and responsibilities:

From Top Left, Chris Jones, Ben Patterson, Helen Bourne, Wen Wong and Thom Hayes  

Chris Jones—Digital Media Services Manager

Chris brings over 20 years of design and marketing experience to the company, having worked with traditional and digital marketing in all sectors ranging from start-ups to national blue-chip organisations. He’s pretty fluent in ‘geek’ and brings a wealth of knowledge, advice and innovation to the company.

Not only does Chris have an eye for design, he is also able to translate visuals and concepts into code. The WebSuite Content Management System was conceived and coded by Chris himself and forms the cornerstone of the WebSuite product.

Ben Patterson—Digital Media Services Executive

Ben’s at the cutting-edge of the digital marketing revolution. If it’s new, it’s hip, and it can help sell online, Ben will know about it.

His attention to detail and analytical approach has already helped Guestline’s clients to raise their online potential and understand social media and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in the online world.

Thom Hayes—Digital Media Designer

Thom’s skillset covers the entire design spectrum, from user-interface elements right through to full responsive websites.

With a hefty 300+ commercial website designs in his portfolio, Thom’s role in the team is to provide the customer with a fresh and personalised website design whilst also considering the often overlooked issues of good navigation, ease of use and customer journey.

Wen Wong—Digital Media Front-end Developer

Wen’s the latest addition to the team, and with past experience based in not just hospitality but also e-commerce and coding he has the perfect skillset to bring Thom’s ideas to life with a technical and creative flair.

Since joining Guestline in December Wen has already worked on several key projects, demonstrating not only his coding skills but also his creative mindset, and giving the department another creative brain to ensure we stay on the cutting-edge.

Helen Bourne—Digital Media Admin and Project Manager

To help keep the creative chaos in check, Helen joins the team as a project and administration manager to ensure the smooth running of the department.

Helen is best known in the company for her work within the Helitrip team which she still manages, and her background and qualifications in business management will be a huge benefit for the department’s future growth.

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