Thursday, 22 January 2015

New year, new PMS?

Many hoteliers have earmarked 2015 as the year to upgrade their technology which can be a stressful time for the hotel owners and staff. The main worry is that the upheaval will cause disruption to the day to day running of the hotel and could potentially inconvenience guests - but this needn't be the case.

Guestline can install a number of new hospitality solutions with minimal disruption to day to day operations and without having to put any of your current systems on hold. Yes owners and operators will have to devote additional time and resources during implementation and training stages, but ultimately the technology upgrades will generate a raft of benefits (financially and operationally) that far outweigh the effort you have to dedicate to the project at the beginning.

Below we have highlighted a few points to consider when choosing a new property management system:

Training – Does the PMS supplier offer full onsite training with the new system? Is additional training available for new starters and refresh training after the installation? What kind of resources and workshops does the company have in place for ongoing staff development and learning?

Support – What support is offered pre, during and post installation? What are the hours of support and are they based in the UK, working the same hours as you - and available when you need them during the evenings and weekends?

Development – Does the company have an ongoing research and development programme to ensure their solutions are both innovative and fulfilling the latest requirements? Does the company listen to requests from their current customers? What is being planned for the next 12 months? How often are upgrades scheduled?

Cloud-hosted - is the software cloud-hosted? Does the supplier offer a highly resilient and secure hosting service, maintained 24 hours a day? This can have a significant impact on initial IT infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Integration – Are all the systems fully integrated with the functionality you require? Does the company offer any third party interfaces with compatible systems? Do they take requests for 3rd party integration?

Future-proof - is the software scalable, functionality-rich and versatile so it includes the exact functionality your property requires? This will help future-proof any expansion plans if and when you scale up operations.

Revenue Generation - Does the system offer a return on investment? Will the software allow you to generate more revenue? Will you make savings by using the system?

Total Solution - Does the company offer other products? Can you have all services under one umbrella eg Distribution, PMS, PCI and website services?

Once you have decided on your new system, ask to meet with a customer that is currently using the software. Any reputable supplier, will be able to provide a list of reference sites in your local area so you get a more neutral perspective on their systems and the service they provide. You can ask the more practical questions from a hotelier’s point of view and get an answer that is relevant to you.

To arrange a meeting with Guestline to discuss your requirements contact us here or call us on 01743 282300.


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