Guestline are experts in cloud-hosted property management, distribution and digital marketing technologies for the hospitality industry. The solutions enable independent hotels, groups, pub companies and serviced apartments to achieve maximum occupancy at the most profitable rate.

Rezlynx Property Management System

Guestline’s Rezlynx PMS is a fully configurable, PCI compliant property management system to enable any sized hotel or group to manage their bookings and operations efficiently and profitably. It is updated in real-time, and incorporates a comprehensive rate and availability management tool to ensure that revenue is maximised at every opportunity.

Secure Payment Solutions

Our secure payment gateway enables hoteliers to process card payments in a PCI compliant way. Our clients benefit from a safe and secure method of storing and processing credit card details which can form part of the hotel’s overall PCI compliancy policy.

Guestline Support

Offering ongoing UK support 365 days a year, our service commitment goes far beyond just our technologically superior software solutions to deliver outstanding quality and reliability.

Channel and Distribution Manager

Guestline’s Channel Manager distributes your live inventory to a wide range of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and the Global Distribution System (GDS), with minimum effort and cost. It can be seamlessly integrated with Rezlynx PMS so that bookings, regardless of their source, flow directly into the PMS without the need for time consuming manual data entry and allocation.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

A day in the life of Development at Guestline - Nick Clarke

We caught up with Nick Clarke, Developer at Guestline to find out how his working days are spent and a little more about him!

My time is predominantly spent at my desk in front of the computer!

On a day-today basis, I improve and maintain existing applications and work on the Rezlynx PMS and related interfaces. I work on services such as IDeaS (which is basically an interface that makes decisions based on the actual data in order to drive better revenue for our client’s properties) and on our own LANSync (an application that periodically pulls data from the PMS databases to a remote database for clients to perform their own reporting).

My most current tasks include working on new developments; for example, we are looking to bring chip and pin functionality to our systems which allows guests to make and pre-authorise payments using their debit and credit cards via PDQ terminals. All of these results will automatically integrate into our software.

Within my department I work closely with the team to help resolve issues or brainstorm ideas. Outside of Development I frequently liaise with the support department to resolve any issues that arise in the live environment. I fix any bugs that have been flagged up by clients that need addressing. The Support team will raise tasks which are then assigned to one of the Development team to work on.

I also work closely with our counterparts at AROBS in Romania to work through any development issues.

Since moving to Shrewsbury earlier this year, I am now able to walk to work which I like as I am quite an outdoorsy person. I enjoy cycling and mountain biking, along with my other passion, football which I have been known to talk about in the office occasionally!!

I’m very lucky to be taken care of at work. Being a diabetic and coeliac I am pretty limited to what I can eat, however Janet in Accounts isn’t too far away with a gluten-free cake to make me feel better! If anyone else would like to try their hand at gluten-free baking, I would only be too happy to sample them!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Guestline’s Top 10 Social Media hints and tips for the Hospitality Industry

Here’s a brief guide on social media etiquette!

  • Have a personality – Ask questions and engage in conversation with your followers.
  • Keep the language simple – ensure it is grammatically correct. Misspelled words and bad grammar look unprofessional.
  • Use videos and pictures. They are proven to be more successful across social media channels.
  • Create exclusive offers for your social media fan base including competitions, special rates or additional value.
  • Don’t be selfish –although yes, it is your social media platform your followers don’t want to hear about me, me, and me on every post. Add content from other sources, what’s on in the area, events – even the weather! 
  • Don’t hide or delete negative comments – respond to them and address the issues – this shows that you take on board any feedback that is left.
  • Don’t over share- be careful, once you hit ‘share’ you usually can’t get it back, don’t divulge personal information that you would not like in the public domain.
  • Join forces with company’s / suppliers that you use that are already on social media channels, for example, post an update complimenting a supplier you use and tagging their page in. They will more than likely repay the favour! 
  • Invite your customer base via email to connect with you, include social media links on your confirmations, announcements, emails etc. 
  • Purchase a Facebook booking module so that guests can book there and then.
We hope you find these hints & tips useful, as I am sure you know social media is growing every month – if you need any help, contact Guestline.

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