Friday, 25 July 2014

Have your cake and eat it!

The case for balancing OTA-driven demand with your direct channels

There has been much discussion around whether hoteliers need to focus on using indirect sales channels like OTAs to conjure business, or that they need to move away from indirect channels and join the growing industry of social business. Ignoring one channel at the expense of another can be detrimental to the maximising of revenue - hoteliers need to focus on both in order to capture all forms of online demand.

While it is great to have so many OTA players in the market, offering hotels tools to sell their product, it’s down to the hotels themselves to ensure they carefully manage these channels.It’s unwise to open all inventory to just OTAs, relying on that business alone to fill rooms.

More than ever before, businesses are viewing social media as an essential tool in their kit to communicate with consumers. With the growth of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and the blogosphere, social media is fast becoming social business, where online interactions are seen as marketing initiatives.

Technology advancements in the development of distribution channels have greatly affected the evolution of a customer life cycle when booking accommodation online. Hoteliers need to consider these rapid changes in consumer behaviour and make a decision, not only on whether to use direct or indirect channels to capture this growing web traffic, but rather on how to integrate both effectively into a hotel’s marketing strategy,
by utilising the management tools at their disposal.

To learn how to balance your OTA-driven demand with direct channels, click here to download the guide.


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