Friday, 25 July 2014

Customised domain names for hospitality business's?

With .com & .net domain names becoming increasingly harder to get hold of, a Mexican based company Punto 2012 have brought a plan to the table, so to speak.

Punto 2012 have created hospitality based domain names such as .rest  .bar & .cafe in an effort to improve Search Engine Optimisation and on-line visibility for Restaurants and Pubs alike.

Aaron Grego, CEO of Punto 2012 says, "90% of domains are unavailable, so the idea is to help people find restaurants and bars more easily. Business's can switch over from one domain to another easily therefore keeping their existing SEO efforts"

Punto have made the domains available to buy for everyone, with no selection process in place meaning companies will not have to prove they are in the industry to acquire the domain name they want.   

The big question is though, will it catch on?

Sophie Cartwright - Online Marketing Executive at Guestline


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